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An important part of volunteer recruitment is getting to know the applicant and finding out what they hope for and expect from their volunteering experience. Completing this form will allow recruiters to asses the suitability of the applicant and find a volunteering position, which best matches their skills, interests, experience and availability. A successful application will lead to an interview, which may in turn lead to a volunteering position.


Additional features

Show/hide Field Permissions: There are a few fields on the form that are set to be hidden by default (known by the field condition set called Default [always])
For example there is an 'admin use' section that will only show itself to the Admin and Recruitment roles, if the submitted form is not currently being filled out, or is not currently of the status 'Submitted'. In either of these scenarios, higher prioritised rules overrule the 'allow view' rule with 'deny view' rules of their own.

The Field Permissions rule for the three fields that make up the 'admin use' section. There are three field condition sets being used.
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Created on 31 January 2018 by Jon Mulhern

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