An essential part of most meetings is taking minutes, in order to:

  • Record summaries of discussions held
  • Confirm any decisions made
  • Record any agreed actions to be taken, who is responsible for those actions and when they are due
  • Provide details of the meeting to anyone unable to attend
  • Serve as a record of the meeting

Using this form, people are able to schedule meetings and subsequently, record the meeting minutes and actions. Following the meeting, a notification can be sent to all attendees and a seperate email to those who have actions assigned to them.


Additional features

Notifications: This is a good example of some simple notification rules. Once a trigger has been created, and then a notification template message, you can set that template to be set when that trigger fires. See the notifications screen of the project for more details.

There are four different conditions (defined as triggers) that can send out notifications. When a new form is submitted, or when the status changes to either 'Send Meeting Reminder', 'Meeting Held', or 'Send Actions'.
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Created on 31 January 2018 by Jon Mulhern

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