Expressions (calculations)




Expressions can be used within Infocapture, to produce calculated values. These expressions should be defined as the default value of the field which should store and display the calculated value. Such values will be unchangeable and therefore it's recommended that these fields be configured as disabled, to avoid any confusion. Examples can be found in this form.

However, expected mid 2018 will be an Expressions Wizard within the form builder. This will mean that one will no longer be expected to type out formulas to make calculations within the form. Please get in touch if you would like to examine our prototype!


Functionality Demonstrated

Expressions and calculations: Go to Checkout Form to edit to explore the demonstrated expressions. Edit any field that is disabled, these show as greyed out. 
There are two main calculation types, parseFloat and parseInt.

parseFloat example:


parseInt example:


There is also an expression to copy the value of another field:


More information on how to use expressions within Infocapture are available here:

Created on 30 January 2018 by Jon Mulhern. Last modified on 8 May 2018

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