Invoice Request




When there are multiple people in an organisation instructing invoices to be sent to customers, it's helpful to have a centralised billing system. This form allows users to submit invoice details and control when the finance team should raise the invoice. Invoices may contain up to 5 line items, each with a separate nominal code, amount and description. When the status is changed to Pending Invoice, the finance team will receive a notification, letting them know there is an invoice that needs to be raised. When the invoice has been sent, the finance team can set the status to Invoice Sent and attach the relevant invoice. This means that users can find historic invoice information, even if the finance team aren't around.


Additional features

Show & Hide field permissions: Select a number of line items, a Field Condition Set has been setup for each number on the list. Subsequently, field permissions have been set on each line to show or hide depending on which number has been picked from this list.

Some of the field condition sets seen in the project, which are used to control the field permissions that show and hide form fields
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Created on 29 January 2018 by Jon Mulhern

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