Google Drive Indexing Installation


This guide is applicable for Claromentis 7.4.X. - 8.2. Please click here for Google Integration in Claromentis 8.3+



Google Configuration

1. Visit  

2. Set up a Google Developers project for Claromentis Google Documents Indexing if there isn't already one

3. Enable the Drive API under APIs & auth > APIs

If it hasn't enabled, go to API Library search for Drive API and enable them

4. Under APIs & auth > Credentials click the Create a new Client ID button under OAuth

5. Make sure the application type is Web application

Enter the appropriate redirect URLs for your domain(http and https separately when needed) as shown on the screen

IMPORTANT! Please provide Claromentis with your 'Client ID' & 'Client Secret' 


Claromentis system Configuration

Before completing the below steps, Claromentis will need to configure the above Client ID & Client Secret.

1. Navigate to Admin > Document Control Panel > Google Authentication

Login to Google using account you wish to use to connect ,

IMPORTANT! Make sure that this account has permission to access  linked documents stored in the Google Drive

Confirm that you have allowed access.

2. Test by searching content within Google Doc from main Claromentis search.


Claromentis Internal Configuration

6. The below will need to be configured by Claromentis.

Copy the Client ID and client secret to the following config.php variables

$cfg_docs_google_auth['client_id'] = 'client_id_here';

$cfg_docs_google_auth['client_secret'] = 'client_secret_here';

Created on 26 January 2018 by Michael Christian. Last modified on 5 November 2018

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