How to create Site in Pages

Claromentis 8.2


With Pages application you can create internal website for your company department. Pages application allows you to create dynamic content with ease by gathering data from various application within Claromentis Digital Workplace. It also allows you to arrange content within your page with simple drag and drop.


Assigning permission on who can create site.

Navigate to Admin > Pages > Permissions to grant permission on who can create and delete sites in your company.

Typicaly  Content Manager or only selected member of Head of Departments should have this permission allowing them to setup a site one for each department.



Creating a site

From Pages app click "Create New Site' 

Complete the site details and enter the permission on who can view and edit the page within the site.


Once  a site has been created you can start adding content to your homepage, or create sub pages within a site. 




Created on 15 August 2017 by Michael Christian

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