How to login using social media / online account (Social Connect) Google, Microsoft, Facebook Twitter

What is SocialConnect?

It is possible to login to Claromentis using popular online accounts such as Google, Microsoft, Facebook or Twitter.

It allows faster login without entering their username and password, if they have logged on to these popular online services. 
This feature is ideal for extranet or portal situation as well as if you need to provide alternative ways to log-in to the system.

What is it not?

Social Connect is not user provisioning system, It doesn't create a new user on the system.
You may have seen something like "Register using Facebook" on some websites. Social Connect does not currently provide such feature.


How do I know if it is enabled?

First, you must ensure that SocialConnect module is installed and your Intranet Administrator has configured available services by configuring for API key and Client Secret from SocialConnect admin panel.
You will notice if this is enabled by having the following buttons on your login page. The number of available button is depending on what services are enabled in the SocialConnect Admin Panel. In the example below there are 3 services enabled: Twitter Facebook or Google.

If these options are missing, please contact Claromentis Support to request that SocialConnect is installed.



Enabling Login with Social Account

Before you can log-in with Twitter, Facebook or Google account, you need to activate this by navigating to "My Settings" and select one of the social account you wish to activate.


You will be prompted to choose which account you wish to connect, example below is showing Google Authentication screen.

Select which account you wish to connect and confirm. Connected account will be indicated in the button and at anytime you can expand the button to disconnect the account if you wish.

Next time you log-out of the system, you can log-in simply by clicking social icons instead of regular username and password assuming you have logged in to these services.


Last modified on 26 July 2022 by Jack Lord
Created on 26 July 2017 by Michael Christian

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