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IC Automator

IC Automator is a new module for InfoCapture (BPM) that allows tickets from selected InfoCapture projects to be created and assigned automatically based on a regular schedule.

This functionality is particulary useful in scenarios where regular tasks need to be automated, such as when Head Offce needs to distribute tickets/tasks to branch managers to complete on a regular basis.

Here are some useful real-life examples:

  • Every week, building managers need to submit information about fire alarm tests, housekeeping, and accident book reviews.
  • Every month, a checklist must be completed by each branch manager for emergency light inspections, first aid box content, and health & safety reports.


  • Claromentis 7.4.or above
  • IC Automator

This feature is only available for customers who have purchased the BPM Platform. Please contact our Support Team for further information.

InfoCapture Projects

If you wish to automate your existing InfoCapture project, the following fields must be added to your InfoCapture Form:

1. Schedule ID

Symbolic name: icauto_schedule_id
Type: Select
Disabled: Checked

This field is required to allow IC Automator to identify the origin of the schedule for filtering.


2. Batch Number

Symbolic name: icauto_batch_number
Type: Select
Disabled: Checked

This field is required to allow IC Automator to identify the batch number and to track progress of completion.


IC Automator is designed to work with 2 statuses:

  • Open [when the ticket is generated automatically the status will be = open]
  • Closed [in order to track progress completed task must have status = closed]

It is possible to have any statuses in between, such as "In progress"


After installation, this plugin can be accessed by the URL below (amending the URL as appropriate to your domain):


At what time during the day will the automated ticket creation be triggered?

Currently it is set to be triggered at 07:00 based on the day/rule specified.

This can be customised by creating a custom config file that overides the default:


Will users get notified during the ticket creation?

Yes, if you setup your InfoCapture project to send notifications to the handler, and the checkbox "Send notification upon ticket creation" is ticked.

Is it possible to customise the reminder message?

It is possible to change the default message by creating a custom notification file in the following location:


Please make sure any changes you make work for all possible IC Projects you wish to automate.


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