How to Display Claromentis Calendar in Google Calendar


Showing events from Claromentis Calendar in your Google Calendar

Step1 - Select which calendar in Claromentis you wish to show in your Google Calendar

In my example I am selecting Room A,B, and C calendar for my Google Calendar although it is possible to select all Calendars if you wish.


Step 2 - Export the Calendar

Click on "More" then Export to open Export dialog box,
Select which calendar to export, you can choose  all or just previously selected calendar.

Click on Create URL to generate URL to this calendar

Step 3 - Copy that URL and go to Google Calendar

Under Other Calendar select Add Calendar by URL

Step 4 - Paste that URL and Add New Calendar

You can now see events form Claromentis Calendar appear in Google Calendar among other calendar.






Created on 10 February 2016 by Michael Christian. Last modified on 7 August 2018

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