Private Notes in InfoCapture

Private notes allow users to add notes within InfoCapture projects which are only viable to particular users.

This is useful in cases where certain users need to be able to communicate within a ticket, without the submitter or other party being able to see them.

e.g. the HR department discusses personal information in a form about 'New Starters'.


The notes appear blue to denote they are private, whereas public notes will be white.


The functionality is enabled per project from the 'project permissions' tab:

Once enabled, this will create an additional 'Rights' option to allocate to project roles:


The 'Default notes to private notes' option can also be used, which means when a user goes to write a note it will appear as private by default.

It can be changed to a public note using the checkbox before being added.


Once added only users with private message rights will be able to see blue notes within a ticket.

Those without the rights will only see public notes.

Any documents included in private notes will appear in the 'Files' tab of the ticket, but these are again only visible to those with private note rights.


Created on 11 December 2015 by Hannah Door. Last modified on 30 November 2023

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