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N.B. This article refers to the legacy application Publish, used in versions below 8.1.
In modern versions, the Pages application has effectively replaced the need for Publish.
Continue reading if you are using Publish and wish to implement this smart object.


The Ideaspaces component allows you to embed individual Ideaspaces or those within a particular category into a Publish template. Claromentis 7.4+ is required to use this component.

Please note that the image above is a generic representation of the component, and may not necessarily reflect the final product on your own intranet.

Using the Component

Insert the below component code into a Publish template:

<component class="IdeaspaceTemplaterComponentView" name='projects' ids='1,3' order='desc' by='title' />

The following parameters can be adjusted to suit your requirements:

name - Enter the name of the Ideaspace, eg "Projects"
count - (Optional) number of Ideaspaces to display
ids - Enter the ID(s) of the Ideaspace(s) you wish to display - separate multiple IDs with a comma.
categories - (Optional) Enter the ID of the Ideaspace category you wish to display - separate multiple IDs with a comma.
order - (Optional - used in conjunction with "by") 'asc' or 'desc'
by - (Optional - used in conjunction with "order") 'id', 'title', 'date_created', 'modified_date'
format - (Optional) 'tile' or 'image'

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