Incremental Intranet Improvements VS The Big Bang Approach

Implementing incremental improvements to an intranet has been highlighted as a key factor in achieving long-term success. By comparison, the big bang approach usually happens after a significant time period where no improvements had been introduced and usually entails major change.


Incremental Intranet Improvements

With the introduction of incremental intranet improvements, new functionality or content is constantly being added with pain-points systematically being resolved. This minimises resistance to change and reduces inefficiencies associated with end-users being overwhelmed by large changes.


The Big Bang Approach

On the other hand, the big bang approach attempts to eliminate employee pain-points whilst solving business problems in one go. This is often an unrealistic expectation due to the limited availability of time and resources. Once the intranet has been launched, employees soon find that their pain-points are in fact still present. With no incremental plan in place to address these issues and to evolve the intranet inline with changing business needs, users become disillusioned and intranet usage declines.


Step 1: Prioritize Significant Business Needs and Pain Points

The initial intranet launch should attempt to address significant, or well-known employee pain-points and business needs. This is the reason why a firm establishment of the current intranet situation within your organisation is required when selecting a new intranet software platform. It’s also necessary to gain feedback from each department to match their particular needs with the functionality on offer from various intranet vendors. It’s also important to be aware of evolving and future business needs, and to discover future product development plans before selecting an intranet vendor.


Step 2: Listen to Post Launch Feedback and Work through your Prioritized List

You’ve launched your intranet, it’s been a few months, what’s next?

This phase should incorporate employee feedback to identify some 'quick wins' from the initial launch. Often minor changes to navigation are implemented at this stage, perhaps to the menu bar to help employees quickly locate information or fulfil tasks. Your prioritized list of business needs and pain-points should be revised and worked upon to ensure you’re continually progressing the intranet and introducing helpful changes.


Step 3: Make Regular On-Going Incremental Changes

Regularly introduce minor changes to your intranet and let users know the changes you’ve made along with the reasons why.  This will solidify the intranet as being both dynamic and current. Continuously listen and act upon user feedback in addition to incorporating evolving business needs, advancements in technology and pain-point resolution.

Last modified on 20 September 2018 by Mhairi Hutton
Created on 17 March 2015 by Michael Christian

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