Should your Intranet have Similar Branding to your Website?

What is an Intranet Brand?

A strong intranet brand should be separate to that of your corporate website and clearly communicate a sense of purpose to your employees.  In turn this will positively affect user-adoption,  build trust and solidify the intranet’s role.

The Primary Constraint

Creating a separate internal intranet brand can be a balancing act. It’s part of your role to adhere to, and support the corporate brand but yet you’re trying to create a unique intranet brand. In practical terms, questions arise due to the absence of a clear divide and the degree to which branding elements are utilized.

Adhering to Elements of the Corporate Brand is Important

With certain aspects, the intranet brand should align with the current corporate branding guidelines, but not entirely copy it. This alignment can be reflected in the fonts,  colours, logos and style of writing. Address the project with the intention of using the corporate brand as a solid foundation to which you’re adding unique elements for the purpose of your intranet users.

The Difference between the Intranet and Corporate Website

A primary reason for developing a separate intranet identity is to clearly distinguish the intranet from the corporate website. Design elements can of course be carried through to the intranet. Your corporate website has been created with the intention of serving a particular audience along with the aim of fulfilling unique goals - that differ to your intranet.
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