Naming your Intranet

Top Tips for Naming your Intranet

Selecting a name for your Claromentis intranet is a task every intranet team will face, unless they’ve decided against naming their intranet - if this is the case, we’d strongly recommend a rethink!

A clear, meaningful name will positively affect user adoption, reinforce your organization’s culture and strengthen your intranet’s brand. You want your employees to fully accept this brand new intranet and recognise it as an important part of fulfilling work-related tasks.

Here are our top tips for choosing an intranet name:


It should be Synonymous with your Intranet’s Mission & Objectives

If your intranet’s mission is to provide employees with a centralized area to access information, or to perhaps support collaboration - the intranet name should reflect this. Each organization will have their very own mission relevant to their needs, so your intranet name should also be unique.


Try to Avoid using Acronyms

Acronyms are impersonal and can cause confusion, a real intranet name that reflects your culture and mission will help employees to quickly create positive connections with their new intranet.


Let your Employees Decide

Getting employees involved in naming the intranet will help gain buy-in, increase user adoption and reduce resistance to change. You could collate various names from different departments and business units and hold a competition to select the winner.


Can it be Built around a Catchy Marketing Campaign?

If you’re planning to develop and implement a marketing campaign surrounding the launch of the new intranet -  choosing a catchy name that will tie in with your marketing efforts will help your campaign efforts.


Consider Employees situated in Different Countries

It’s certainly worth considering the interpretation of the new intranet name in relation to multinational offices. This won’t take long to complete as a quick Google search will render the information you need.


It should Fit the Individual Style of your Company

Companies that adopt a relaxed, informal work environment should carry this style over to their intranet’s name and the same goes for formal environments.


Example Intranet Names

  • The Neighbourhood
  • Eureka
  • Tiggle
  • Nexus
  • The Hub
  • Athena
  • Odyssey
  • The Pulse

What’s the name of your intranet?

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