Assembling an Intranet Project Team

As you prepare to embark upon the first steps of implementing your intranet project, this article will help you determine the necessary pre-launch project activities, and assist you with the construction of an intranet team. Each intranet project is unique, and your project will correlate with your particular business needs and requirements. The following resources aren’t prerequisites to success, they merely outline a typical intranet project team’s role. Often project roles overlap and we’re continuously working with small and large project teams to implement successful intranets.


Project/Intranet Manager

The project/intranet manager acts as the main point of contact for both their internal intranet team and Claromentis’ project team. Effectively liaising with team members from both teams to ensure tasks are fulfilled in a timely manner whilst successfully progressing the project. Important tasks will involve working across departments to schedule meetings, approaching staff members to become content champions and working to evolve the intranet’s vision and strategy


Intranet Administrators

Intranet administrators can be assigned from various departments, such as; IT, Human Resources, Marketing and Communications, or they can be a solely appointed intranet team. Intranet administrators will make decisions that will have an organizational-wide impact on end-users. These decisions will involve the configuration of the intranet’s permission system; essentially determining what each individual user or group will be able to see and do on their intranet. Document folder structures and news channels will also be configured by intranet administrators.


Technical Project Members

For clients who have chosen the internal hosting deployment option, a team member situated within the IT department is most often required. Typical areas they’ll play either an active or advisory role include the installation of the intranet software and any potential Active Directory integration or Single Sign-On set-up. With the cloud hosting deployment option, the technical member’s role will be minimal in regards to installation as this will be implemented by Claromentis’ support team.


Intranet Content Champions

With the adoption of a decentralized content creation approach, a team member from each department or business unit is assigned the role of ‘content champion’. Tasked with sourcing, creating and distributing content on the intranet through various applications, content champions play an important role in the on-going intranet's maintenance. Pre-launch activities will include attending specific content creation training and the completion of the initial content population.


Marketing/Branding/Design Project Members

Claromentis Design tool allows you to make changes to the interface to suit your company branding. A team member with a good understanding of design principles and access to company graphic assets will be valuable to make sure the intranet is user-friendly and on-brand. 


Created on 17 March 2015 by Michael Christian. Last modified on 9 October 2019

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