E-forms and Workflows designed by Claromentis

Process Implementation

Whilst it is entirely possible for Administrators to create these E-forms and workflows, they may not have time. That’s where we come in! We can work with you to streamline your processes within the organization.

Whether your business process already has concrete specifications, or is still in it’s infancy, we can help turn your ideas into reality. We can work with you to develop your concept and build a process to fit your requirements.

Some examples of business processes we have built for customers are:

  • A leading supplier of chemical mechanical planarization slurries, required us to build 2 processes - Supplier Change Notification and Supplier Corrective Action Request.
  • A staffing and consulting company, required us to build a complete Personnel Forms Suite, including Onboarding, Systems Checklist, Transition and Offboarding.
  • A leading supplier of connectors and interconnect components required us to build a Warranty Application form, allowing their business partners to submit and track extended warranty. Their Claromentis system has since grown into a full Customer Support Portal, with multiple processes including Training Requests and Support Tickets, which are available in 4 languages. Custom development was also undertaken, to further enhance the functionality of Infocapture, enabling the auto-creation of folders within the Document Management System and auto-generation of PDF certificates.
  • A national wholesaler/brokerage in the US required us to build a complete Insurance Portal, including Risk Hazard, Incident Reporting and OSHA 300 Log processes.

Chris Dare, Group Head of IT, Tussauds Group: The Claromentis team took the trouble to understand Tussauds’ workflows and processes to ensure that the solution fulfilled our precise needs.


Sam Garrity, Director, RocketMill: Claromentis’ ability to unlock our vision, understand our culture and then bring it to life was priceless. Claromentis has given us the best possible chance of success.


To enquire about the possibility of a Claromentis created e-form, submit a form here, or speak to your Claromentis contact. 

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