The Power Of Infocapture Plugins

Infocapture plugins are custom PHP files, which extend the standard functionality available within the application. Plugins are essentially add-ons, allowing you to do almost anything with the data collected and managed by Infocapture. Some examples of what plugins can do:

  • Show or hide specific issues, depending on complex conditions, such as current user group and role membership or fields within the form
  • Modify options within a select field based on user properties, a third party application/database or previously entered form data
  • Validate form data using complex rules
  • Send non-standard email notifications or transfer data to a third party application/database when issues are added, changed or deleted
  • Automatically assign issues or change the issue status
  • Perform advanced calculations and data manipulation
  • Auto-create folders in the DMS (Document Management System)
  • Auto-generate PDFs, e.g. warranty certificates, car parking permits, purchase orders, etc


If you're interested in extending Infocapture's functionality with a plugin, outline your requirements in a form here  and we will give a cost quote for the plugin to be written.

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