How to synchronize a Publish Page to the Main Menu Archived


Once a page has been created within Publish you have the ability to display it on the Main Menu as a link so users can navigate to those pages.


Synchronizing the Page

This is done through the application Menu Builder, which can be access through the application menu, or it can be accessed through the Publish application.

Within Menu Builder you will need to select 'mainMenu' (this may be named slightly differently).


Once in the Main Menu you will have the ability to 'Synchronize folder' which is located on the right hand side of the application.

Menu Builder1.png

This will then create and automatic synchronization with the page and the main menu, and this will appear straight away. Once this has been click it will take you to the tab that shows you the menu path. From here you can alter the position of pages and folders, change permissions and also hide and delete them.

Below is an example:

Menu Builder2.png


 When using the 'Synchronize folder' option it will display and drag through all new folders and pages that have been created since the last synchronize was completed.


 When this option is ticked when the creation of the page takes place it will not show within the Main Menu when a synchronize is done.

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