How to add a day type in Holiday Planner


Within the Holiday Planner application you are able to add and edit day types. This allows you to configure what requests users can make.


Adding a Day

You will need to go to:

Admin Holidays

From here you will be presented with 'Day types'. You will need to select 'Add day' in the top right hand corner.

You will then be able to create the day type, and also assign it a colour.

Once all details have been filled in you will be able to select 'Add day'


How to edit an existing day

This again is done through the Admin panel. You will need to start by clicking on the day you wish to change. This will bring a similar pop up window up.

For example if you want to change 'Holiday' you will need to click on the text.

Once the changes have been completed you will need to select 'Save'. 

Last modified on 10 October 2019 by Millie Hand
Created on 27 April 2014 by Mike Leggatt

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