How to Add News Articles Draft

How to add news articles


Go to Applications > News. Click the green Add News icon on the toolbar. This will take you to a page where you can start creating your news article.




- In the Channel field, select the channel that you wish to add the news article to.


If the channel you require doesn’t appear in the dropdown list, it may be that you don’t have sufficient permissions to view it.


- In the Title field, type in the title for your news article.


- In the Tags field, enter some tag names which are relevant to your article. For example, if your article was about training, you could enter tags such as “training, learning”, which would be used to group similar news articles together. Separate each tag with a comma. 

Please be aware that when you have finished writing your tags, by pressing Enter on the keyboard you will be submitting the whole news article rather than just the tags.

After you have entered your tags, please click into the next section in order to proceed with creating your article.


- In the Abstract field, type in a short summary which describes the content of your article.


- For Content, you have three options of what you want your article to consist of. If you select Text, a text editor will appear, where you are able to create your article. Selecting Link means that your article will display a link, and a field will appear where you can enter the specified address; make sure to enter the full path. If you select None, then your article will only display your Abstract, with no main body.


- In the Commenting area, you can specify if you want users to be able to comment on your article. Selecting Disable will mean that no users can add comments. Selecting Enable will mean users can comment on your article, and checking the Moderated box will allow the author of the article to approve any comments before they are published. If this option is selected, no comments will appear in the article unless approved by the author.


- Once you are happy with your article, click Save Changes. This article will now appear to users who are subscribed to the relevant news channel.


If the author does not have Publish rights for that news channel, then the article will not be displayed until a user with the relevant permissions approves it.

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Created on 27 April 2014 by Kerensa Johnson

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