How to Create a Board in Forums

How to Create a Board in the Forum application




The Forum application allows users to participate and contribute in discussions. With the use of permissions, there is complete control over which users have access to which boards, and moderators can be assigned in order to approve posts before they are made available to view.


How to create a board


Go to Applications > Admin > Forums. Click on Add New Board.



You will be taken to the Edit Board Properties page, where you can configure the details of the board.



- Enter a name for the board in the Title field.

- Enter a description of the board.

- In the Position dropdown, select where you would like the board to appear in the forum.

- If you click on Advanced Options, additional settings will appear:

- Codename: assigning a codename to a board means that it will only be accessible by navigating to the correct URL, and it will not appear in the forum list.
- Expiration: by default, there is no expiration set, but you can specify one here.
- Set this for all categories in this board: checking this box will apply the expiration set to all categories in that board.

- Check the Subscribe Users With View Rights if you want all users with view rights to be automatically subscribed to this board. Users will then receive notifications whenever the board is updated.

- In the Set Permissions field, enter the appropriate roles/groups/users who you want access to this board, and specify their rights by checking the relevant boxes below. Users who are given Moderator rights will have the ability to edit and delete topics, and to use Moderator Mode.

When you have completed the required details, click Submit.

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